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.htmlCombiners for radio and TV transmitting stations allow one antenna system to be used for  several transmitters operating on different channels within one frequency range. These can be applied both in analog and DAB, DVB-T or DVB-H digital systems, as well as in combined applications. Passus supplies such devices in cooperation with the renowned German manufacturer Spinner. Spinner’s equipment feature industry-best quality, guaranteeing a fault-free, secure operation of transmitting systems and maintaining the parameter stability for years. These devices are mostly offered as customized for the given transmitting station, according to the customer’s needs.
Along with combiners, we also offer other elements used in the transmitting systems, such as coaxial lines, dummy loads, patch panels, filters and others.

Our offer contains the following types of combiners:

  • radio combiners for DAB digital system
  • TV combiners for DVB digital systems
  • TV combiners for analog systems 
  • Audio/video combiners for analog systems 
  • Other elements for power combining systems

- coaxial lines
- switchboards (patch panels)
- dummy loads (loads of 50 Ohm)
– measuring connectors for antenna lines
- measurement probes
- RF switches
- filters

  • Customized products – apart from standard off-the-shelf products, we are able to develop and offer special versions of our devices to meet specific requirements, e.g. resulting from conditions in the transmitting facility (availability of free space) or the specific configuration of channels, power of  transmitting devices, or the location of I/O ports.



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