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02-587 Warsaw

Phone: +48 22 5401800
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.htmlAntennas offered by Passus are predominantly antennas for base transceiver stations of radio telecommunications systems. Our offer is mostly directed to companies involved in the construction and maintenance of infrastructures for mobile telecommunications, i.e. carriers, system integrators, installation companies, etc. It covers almost all the frequency ranges utilized by modern mobile communication systems and standards in Poland, Europe or worldwide (including GSM, GSM-R, CDMA, UMTS, TETRA).  At the same time, it is constantly expanded in order to meet the market demands and embrace the new, emerging technologies, e.g. LTE, MIMO, which mark the direction for development of mobile electronic communication. The antennas we deliver come mostly from one of the world’s biggest manufacturers – Powerwave Technologies.  Our portfolio also includes specialized antennas for professional use, e.g. for microwave range operation, aerial communication, military communication, etc.

We offer:

  • Single Band and Single Broadband Directional Antennas
  • Dual Band and Dual Broadband directional Antennas
  • Triple Band and Triple Broadband directional Antennas
  • Omnidirectional Antennas
  • Indoor Antennas
  • iRET Antennas
  • Clean Site™ Solutions